Purslip - the undergarment for your purse undergarment for your purse

More Information About Purslip® Purse and Handbag Organizer  Inserts

The Purslip is a purse within a purse.

Each Purslip purse organizer interior has 1 large zippered pocket, 4 credit card pockets, 1 pen pocket, and 2 miscellaneous pockets for cell phones, mirrors, lipstick, etc.

The outer shell is made of satin polyester and is available in ebony or champagne colors.

Patent Pending. Dry clean only.

Need more compartments? Use two Purslips!


"When I switch purses more often to compliment my outfit, I receive more compliments about how good I look. It's amazing!"

"Now that I have a purslip, I actually enjoy buying and carrying a lot of different purses. It really is fun!"

"Not everyone cares about fashion, but a purse really is an accessory that can enhance your total look."

  Women love Purslip!
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